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In 2008, Susan wrote her first blog post and hasn't stopped writing since. As the publishing world has continued to evolve, she's embraced a range of mediums, from traditional books and magazine articles to garden apps and ebooks. Writing has given Susan the opportunity to connect with gardeners from all over the world who share her passion for plants and garden design.

Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces (Cool Springs Press 2011)Vertical Gardening Book

Filled with design tips, plant ideas and over 200 photos, Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces, offers inspiration and how-to information for enhancing any outdoor space with vertical elements. Susan best_books_2011_120._V165239213_and co-author Rebecca Sweet cover everything from living wall projects simple enough for a home gardener to tackle to creative solutions for blank walls and narrow beds. An Amazon “Best Books of 2011” selection.


What People Are Saying

“Garden Up is a breath of fresh air! In an easy to read, personal tone, authors Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet have offered dozens of fantastic ideas for creating vertical elements in a wide variety of garden settings. For anyone who has ever dreamt about designing a vertical garden, Garden Up is a ‘must read’ book.”
Fran Sorin, CBS Radio News

“A small to non-existent yard does not mean you are left to languish on a spartan concrete pad. Authors of Garden Up…remind readers that there are more gardening options than just the surface beneath your feet.” — Mary Beth Breckenridge, McClatchy-Tribune

“Filled with dazzling garden photographs that make you want to dash straight out to the nursery” — Annie Spiegelman, Huffington Post



Garden Up! Video Trailer


Fine Gardening magazine – Contributing Editor

Small Space Design Fine GardeningSusan began writing for Fine Gardening magazine in 2009  with a special emphasis on small-space gardens. Articles on design include Pull a Design Together with Ground Covers, Lighten Up Your Landscape and Ideas to Break-up a Boxy Backyard. Beyond design, Susan also provides guidance on plant selection. In Plant This, Not That, she shares new alternatives for over-used favorites, and in Peach Goes with Everything, she explains why this plant color is magical in the garden.

Susan is also one of the contributing editor’s for Fine Gardening’s Pocket Gardens – Design Ideas for Small Space Gardening. In 2015 she served as a Fine Gardening guest judge at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.


Feng Shui cover for Brooke-resizedEveryday Feng Shui: A Plant Lover’s Guide to Garden Design (OYO Press 2012)

Did you know that the five elements of the Creative Cycle—Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood—can each be represented by specific plant characteristics? Written for the plant lover who wants to tap into the positive energy of Feng Shui without creating a landscape from scratch, Everyday Feng Shui: A Plant Lover’s Guide to Garden Design provides a practical guide to adding balance and harmony to a garden.

After explaining the philosophy behind the Creative Cycle, Susan shows you how to effectively Feng Shui Creative Cycle in the gardenincorporate each of the five elements into a garden plan. Included is a mix of photos and landscape drawings to help bring each concept to life. A chapter on Feng Shui diagnosis identifies common garden problems, and shows how a few modest changes are often all that is required to bring a garden back into balance.

Feng Shui Garden Design fireBest of all, there’s no need to rethink your entire garden. By using the Creative Cycle as a guideline, Susan demonstrates that Feng Shui philosophies don’t replace traditional design principles, but instead serve to enhance them. With some simple rearranging of plants and common landscape features, any garden space can become more balanced, harmonious and welcoming.

What People Are Saying

Everyday Feng Shui makes this mysterious Eastern design philosophy understandable, doable, and beautiful. It’s a delight. — Susan Harris, Garden Rant

Available for $2.99 on Kindle from Amazon.

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